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Do you need to store some items but not enough to make a storage unit feasible? Welcome to Easy Bin. If you need storage for a small quantity of smaller items Easy Bin is the solution.

Important Points

1. We take an overhead photo of each of your bins before you seal them up. You can use the photos to keep track of the items in your bins when you want them back. 

2. Easy Bin is stored in a secure heated facility.

3. To retrieve your bins simply send us an email or call and setup a bin retrieval request. We will retrieve your bins from storage and have them ready for pickup the next business day. Remember that you don't have to request all your bins if you only need the contents of a single bins when you return.

4. Always request more bins than you think you need. You won't pay for an unused bins when you return.

5. Minimum rental is 3 Bins.

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